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Trust Nello Construction Co. for all your commercial construction service needs

Nello Construction Company Inc. is a fourth generation union utility contractor operating in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Nello Construction has been owned and operated by the Naticchione family since its inception in 1947. Nello Construction began with its founder Nello Naticchione Sr. taking the skills that he had learned from being a sewer brick layer for many years and applying that to his own business venture.

Sewer Main Reconstruction

Our team of professionals have the skills and experience to replace and restructure commercial sewer mains. From storm and firewater drains to sanitary and raw sewage lines, trust our team to cover it all.

Relay of Water Mains

Sometimes an entire relay is the only way to fix a leaking system. With Nello Construction, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a job well done. Our experts will rework the water main and leave it as good as new.

Green Infrastructures

At Nello Construction, we care about the environment we live in which is why our team uses green infrastructures whenever possible. Our goal is to help offset our impact on the environment as much as we can.

The company became very successful and was growing each year. During the early 1950s, it reached approximately 100 employees.

In the early years, Nello Construction specialized in the construction of brick inlets and manholes as a sub contractor to many of the major sewer contractors in the Philadelphia area through the late 1940s and 1950s.

Sadly and unexpectedly , Nello Naticchione Sr. passed in 1954. He was succeeded by his only son Nello Naticchione Jr. who was 19 at the time of his father’s passing. Nello Naticchione Jr. continued in his father’s footsteps specializing in the field of sewer reconstruction work as a sub contractor as well as a prime contractor for various projects in the Philadelphia area. Nello Naticchione Jr. was eventually joined by his son Nello Naticchione III, the current owner of Nello Construction, in the winter of 1975. Nello Jr. and Nello III worked side by side for decades to build the company and set down roots for further generations.

During this period from the late 1970’s until Nello Jr’s passing on January, 10th, 2010, they worked closely as father and son, partners and best friends and successfully grew the company to what it is today. In 2006 Peter Naticchione , the oldest son of Nello III started to work for Nello Construction full time and has since grown into the major role of running all outside operations for Nello Construction as well as advising on various crucial office and financial decisions. Later, in 2010 the youngest son of Nello III, Gino Naticchione, joined the company full time. Gino Naticchione works as management of office operations along with President and owner Nello Naticchione III.

Nello Construction strives to continue their long family legacy of sewer and water construction for the Philadelphia Water Department for many years to come and strives to continue working both safely and efficiently to the highest possible standards.